CC Driver

81SLT350-01 – Constant Current Driver

This series was designed for compromise between an attractive price and high performance, which meets SELV standard of preventing electric shock. Protection of open circuit, short circuit, over load and over temperature increased safety in processing. Low standby power consumption complies with ERP directives. Optimized electric circuit design brings cost-effectiveness.

  • Independent power supply for constant current LED lamp
  • Class II protection against electric shock from direct and indirect contact
  • Open circuit ,short circuit ,over load and over temperature protection
  • Auto restart after fault conditions removal
  • Power 300W, 500W, 700W

 Specification sheet

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Power Supply CC 350mA 25W (Size 121x45x20mm)


Power Supply CC 500mA 25W (Size 121x45x20mm)


Power Supply CC 700mA 25W (Size 121x45x20mm)