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บาลานซ์ซิ่ง วาว์ลน้ำเย็น PICVs : Pressure Independent control with flanged connections
BV.. valves can be use in heating and cooling systems that require high flows together with an accurate control.

PICVs are 3 device in one:

  • Static Flow limiting valves : the flow of the fully open valve can be selected in a range from 30% to 100% by adjusting the dip-switches on the MVE515B and MVE215B actuators
  • Glove Valve : the flow can be controlled from 0 up to maximum set flow by moving the valve plug.
  • Differential Pressure Controller with the main objective of keeping the pressure drop constant across the valve plug and consequently a flow control not dependent on differential pressure.

BV valves have an equipercentage caracteristic.